Alumni Board President

Four Questions with Trey Echols, Alumni Board President


What was your most memorable BSC experience?

There are a lot of them that compete to be the most memorable! Forced to choose, I would say that move-in day my freshman year would top the list. Every single aspect of my life changed when my living, learning, and social environments moved out to ‘Southern. We moved my stuff into Cullen Daniel, and I said goodbye to my folks and sent them on their way.  That first day and then the week after, I met most, if not all, of my freshman class. Seeing new faces from all over the place was fun but also a bit surreal. I remember thinking that we had a sense of community right there on campus.  I still remember our opening convocation in the Munger Auditorium. All those new faces sitting in those seats listening to Dean Penfield, and others, lay out what college life would be for us. Once it was all said and done for the day, I made it back to the dorm with my head spinning. It was a great day indeed, and I remember being so thankful and happy to be on the Hilltop.

How has BSC influenced your professional and personal lives?

The BSC family played a role in shaping my career and life from the very beginning. There is something unique about our ‘Southern family. I would even go so far as to say that it made more of an impact on me post-graduation than my four years there. Early in my banking career, a fellow alum older than me, took the initiative to provide some pretty tough coaching that I badly needed. He took the time to explain that there is a certain standard to meet, especially in the business community. That particular situation still sticks in my memory as a real opportunity to grow. There have been many other poignant moments where BSC came into play that made my life better and it continues to play an influential role in my life to this day. I expect it to do so forever.

Why do you give back with time and treasure?

For me, it is impossible to not feel the call when you consider the many important learning experiences supplied in one way or another by BSC. I sort of thought college was a four-year deal and then you moved on with your life. Not so. My connection to the campus and school continues to shape much of what is done in my life. It would not be accurate to say that contributing to BSC is a calling; instead, it seems rather natural to be giving back to students and the school in the same fashion those before me did. Even more, it is such a pleasure to be on campus from time to time helping the students navigate their way and prepare for their futures.

What would you like other alums to consider doing to move the college forward?

You know, it would be a great accomplishment if our alumni would band together in great numbers to support the college. We have an opportunity in three different areas: giving, recruiting, and student support. All three areas are girded by a common theme: BSC is a unique and special place for a lifelong education and building relationships. Those alums who have kids would hopefully aspire to have their children attend such a school and encourage others to do the same.
We have much to rally and share our pride. Our alums should know exactly what our students experience on campus.  So, get on out to campus for Homecoming, make a pledge, and be on the lookout for potential enrollees. Let’s stop underselling the environment from which we all benefitted so greatly during our college years.
Have an idea to engage with BSC? Let me know and we can design a plan for you. You can send your ideas by email to or by calling the Alumni Office at (205) 226-4912.