BSC Alumni Beyond the Hilltop

The BSC Alumni Association is an international group of alumni numbering more than 14,500. Among our alums you can find some 400 artists of all kinds, more than 500 government and military employees, 700 homemakers, more than 150 journalists, and 450 scientists. BSC and its alums are a key asset to the state and to Birmingham’s economy. Two-thirds of BSC alumni remain in-state and close to 7,000 reside in the metro area, making up a solid base of its professional, banking, legal, and medical community, including:

  • 530 health professionals
  • 350 attorneys—one-tenth of the metro area’s Bar Association members
  • 800 educators 2,000 business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs
  • 30 members of the clergy
  • 2/3 of BSC’s business majors take first-time jobs in Birmingham

Beyond Birmingham and the Hilltop, 2/3 of graduates earn higher-level degrees from top MBA programs and medical schools, such as Wharton, Cornell, Chicago, Duke, Harvard, and UAB.


The first alumni president was elected in 1892 at Southern University, which merged with Birmingham College in 1918. Dr. J.M. Malone, an alumnus and faculty member, was the first staff member given responsibility for the college's male alumni, serving as roster secretary from 1922-1924. In 1933, BSC alumnae formed a sister organization to the predominately male Alumni Association. In 1938, the two groups merged to form what is now the BSC Alumni Association.